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Welcome to the KKCCK Website


The aim of this site is to encourage young people like you, in Northern Cyprus to become more involved in our environment and to understand that you play a huge role in the environmental well-being of Northern Cyprus.

This is the place to find out more about the 1. North Cyprus Children Conference for the Environment, see the pictures, read about the topics and get interested in the

2. North Cyprus Children Conference for the Environment which will be held in spring 2010.

We would like this site to also be a forum for you to express your views and to find out what other young people and schools are doing to help protect the Environment. So please contact us and let us know what your school is doing, or what you are doing at home to help make Cyprus a healthier and cleaner place for us all to live.

Simple things like re-using plastic bottles and not using so many plastic bags could help to reduce the amount of poisons being released into the air when they are burnt at the rubbish dump.

Remember, the future of this Island is in YOUR hands.

Some ideas to think about:

Tree Planting,


Using less nylon bags,

Re-using plastic bottles,

Saving and using rain water,

Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth,

Ask your parents to repair any leaking pipes or taps at home.

Ask your school to do the same.

Dont leave litter anywhere!

We hope you find this site informative and interesting.

Show your teachers and perhaps your school might be one of the lucky ones to attend our Conference next year. Good Luck! Have Fun! ….. and think about Nature!!!

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    What a joy to find someone else who tnikhs this way.

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